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Acupuncture and Impotence

If a man is quite healthy, his testosterone will drop 1% to 2% each year after he passes age 40 . Diabetic patients lose their normal sexual function much faster than normal people, because their testicular function is compromised by inflammation of their blood vessels and nerves. Most diabetic patients or high blood pressure or high cholesterol patients can develop erectile dysfunction much earlier than normal people. If a man starts eating all processed food, loaded with salt, early in life, by the age of 30, the majority of his network will be damaged. Of course the body can regenerate new nerves and blood vessels, but the speed of regeneration starts slowing down after 25 years of age, especially if a man does not exercise or eat sufficient vegetables. Here is a good example how a 27 year old young man almost had to have a penis transplant.

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How to Select Best Acupuncture Treatments for Knee & Lower Back Complaints?

The use of acupuncture as a viable form of therapy was not wholly embraced by the general public in the United States of America and by the medical profession. In 1972, after Nixon visited China, Acupuncture started drawing more attention to the public. Over the past 4-5 decades, it is now quite well known in the USA as well as other countries around the world. Today, there are clinics in the US that have been set up by well experienced and professional China-trained acupuncture experts. For example, there are acupuncture treatments in Boca Raton Cancer Centre. In West Palm Beach, Coconut Creek and Boynton Beach, there are more and more acupuncture clinics serving the retired people.

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Acupressure Point for Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Dry Eye and Retinitis Pigmentosa

To reduce the eye pressure, eye dryness and relax the eye muscles in order to improve the vision, prevent glaucoma, slow down the macular degeneration and reduce the eye inflammation,  Please press those points, please go to www.acupuncture.com to locate the points or come to Delray Community Wellness Center to listen to the seminar on Feb. 21 at 1pm. You can combine deep breathing and acupressure before you go to sleep, which can help you sleep deeper and balance your immune function.

  1. ST1: directly below the pupil of the eye, between the eyeball and the infraorbital ridge.
  2. ST3: directly below the pupil of the eye, at the level of the lower border of the ala nasi, on the lateral side of the nasolabial groove.
  3. UB2: on the medial end of the eyebrow.
  4. Yu Yao: on the midpoint of the eyebrow.
  5. Tai Yang: In the region of the temples, in the depression about one finger-breadth posterior to the midpoint between the lateral end of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye.
  6. GB20: in the depression between the upper portion of m. sternocleidomastoideus and m. trapezius.

Acupressure points for Knee pain:

  1. SP10: on the medial aspect of the thigh, the point is 2 cun above the mediosuperior border of the patella.
  2. GB34: in the depression anterior and inferior to the head of the fibula.
  3. SP9: in the depression of the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia.
  4. ST34: 2 cun above the patella
  5. GB33: in the depression anterior to the lateral epicondyle of the femur.

Li Zheng on 900am The Talk of The Palm Beaches, Reduce the Stress with Acupuncture

Dr. Li Zheng shares her expertise in the field of acupuncture and holistic health.

How Can Acupuncture Help In the Treatment of Glaucoma?

Increased pressure in the eyes can damage the optic nerve. Severe damage of the optic nerve results in loss of vision. If Glaucoma can be treated early, you can protect your vision.

Glaucoma can turn out to be a very serious issue if it is not treated on time. As people with glaucoma do not feel any pain and since there is no early indication, it can be very hard to detect. Regular eye check-up can help detect glaucoma at an early stage, thus preventing vision loss. In addition to relying on modern medicine for treating glaucoma, many people are using alternative form of treatment, such as acupuncture for treating glaucoma.

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Acupuncture and Acupressure Free Consultation in 2017

Li Zheng, Ph.D and licensed acupuncturist in Boca Raton will show you how to use acupressure and meditation to help you relive the pain, lose weight and make your skin look younger in her 15 min free consultation on Jan 4th.

Acupuncture, Herbs and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is caused by degeneration of the brain cells which use the neurotransmitter dopamine to smooth our movement, help our learning ability and influence our mood. Currently the medication L-dopa can help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s diseases such as tremor, rigidity, difficulty of walking and mood changes. But the medication cannot stop the degeneration of the nerve cells in the brain. When majority of the neurons lost function, the medication will not work anymore. Furthermore, the medication can have some side effect such as improper behavior. Read More »

Get Treated for Infertility by Acupuncturist in Delray Beach

The Chinese have been using the 5000 year old treatment of acupuncture to treat infertility, indigestion, joint pain and many other chronic problems; but now it has become popular in Western countries too. If you reside in Palm Beach County or other surrounding counties and face infertility problems, visit acupuncture in Delray Beach. The acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be used to help you improve your ovarian function and get healthy eggs and sperm.

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History of Acupuncture Through the Ages

Acupuncture is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and is said to have originated there before the Common Era. Early documents show that acupuncture started appearing in China around about 100 BCE. Acupuncture was used in conjunction with herbs, moxibustion, diet, and massage in Chinese medicine. Practitioners continued to refine it over the ages, and in the 1950s, research by Professor Han in Beijing established certain scientific criteria behind this treatment.

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NEW EVENT: Combat Inflammation with Herbal Teas and Acupuncture

Last Sunday, we had a great time at Greenlands Health & Wellness in Delray Beach talking to people about stress reduction using herbal teas and acupuncture.  Not only was the group well informed and knowledgeable, we were able to swap experiences in what kinds of methods help us reduce stress.  We learned a lot just listening to our audience members and gleaned new ideas for stress reduction from their stories!

stress reduction delray beach

If you were unable to attend this talk, there are other chances!  We have another free lecture coming up on Sunday, June 12 at the Whole Foods Market in Pompano Beach!  This time, Dr. Li Zheng will be covering her favorite topic: inflammation.  Inflammation has garnered much attention in recent years, including long exposes in publications such as the New Yorker.  It is implicated in many illnesses from tendonitis to colitis.  However, because inflammation can be chronic and invisible until it causes a severe disease, we often ignore the signs until it is too late.

In this class, Dr. Zheng will teach you how to recognize the signs of inflammation and protect yourself from inflammatory diseases using herbal teas and acupuncture.  This event is free but space is limited, so make sure to pre-register today.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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