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Asthma and Coughing

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John was born in Boca Raton and attended the prestigious Boca High School. He had a very high GPA and excellent math scores and continued his education at Harvard. He chose finance and math as his college majors and he worked for a finance company after graduating from Harvard in Boston. Eventually, he came back to Boca Raton and had a steady job at Fidelity for a few years until he was diagnosed with colon cancer. This diagnosis was made even though two months prior he was told everything was normal. John learned that the colon cancer had perforated his colon and metastasized to his lung, and he was only 37 at the time of this tragedy. John had to quit his job at Fidelity and underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. After rigorous treatment at Boca Raton Hospital, John was cancer free, but the harsh treatments took a toll on him. His lung function was compromised due to radiation therapy; he developed asthma when he walked too fast or ran; his blood oxygen levels were not as high as when he was healthy, and his lips were purple in color. He also developed a chronic cough and was later diagnosed with bronchiectasis.

John loved ice cream and dark chocolate. Unfortunately, these two indulgences made him produce more phlegm, and he tended to cough right after eating dark chocolate, nuts, or ice cream. John also developed anxiety after his asthma started. He came to Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic a few years ago to strengthen his immune function right after his surgery. His Boca acupuncturist prescribed him some herbs to help clear up his phlegm and reduce the chronic coughing. He tried taking herbs a few times, and while his cough improved, he did not like the bitter taste of Chinese herbs. Instead, John preferred acupuncture because it helped him breathe and sleep better.

In May 2019, John developed an intense cough after he ate some nuts. The coughing was so violent that the blood vessels in his bronchi were broken and he was rushed into a Boca hospital. John coughed so much blood that the ER doctor in Boca Raton had to induce a coma to protect his lungs, brain and heart. He was in coma and depended on a ventilator for three weeks before a Boca Raton pulmonary specialist finally stopped the bleeding and he was brought back to consciousness. Because John frequented the gym and practiced Qi Gong at Delray Beach regularly, he had a strong heart, and he was able to come out of the coma relatively quickly.

John returned to Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic to help him reduce his chronic coughing. His Boca acupuncturist told him that herbs would help him clear up the phlegm in his bronchi much faster than with just acupuncture treatments. John wanted to talk to his pulmonary specialist at the West Palm Beach hospital before he started herbs. However, another violent coughing fit sent John to Boca Hospital for a second time. Because of severe bleeding and breathing difficulties, he was put onto a ventilator again and was transferred to Miami for advanced care. He did not come out of the medically induced coma the second time because his lung function was compromised too much. Tragically, he died in the ER after he was cancer free for over 8 years.

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