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Combatting Inflammation with Herbal Teas & Acupuncture

pompano beach inflammation seminarLow levels of inflammation that persists for long periods of time have the potential to cause major health problems down the line.  If the inflammation occurs in the tendons, you may develop tendonitis.  If it occurs in the intestines, you may develop colitis.  Chronic inflammation has even been linked to certain forms of cancer.

In this free seminar, Dr. Zheng will be giving you tips on recognizing signs of chronic inflammation as well as ways to combat the inflammation.  In addition to lifestyle changes, Dr. Zheng will also explain how herbal teas and acupuncture can help in keeping inflammation away.  As usual, a Q&A segment will follow the talk.

Although the event is free, pre-registration is recommended as space is limited.  Save your spot today!

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