Ulcerative Colitis: Does Acupuncture Work?

Living with colitis can be a nightmare, with excessive fatigue, abdominal pain, lack of sleep and brain fog, all being part of the nasty deal. More severe cases of ulcerative colitis can lead to bowel cancer. People suffering from ulcerative colitis often feel that they have to settle for a reduced quality of life, but recent research on acupuncture for colitis seems to indicate that this acupuncture can actually improve many of the symptoms related to colitis, sometimes even better than conventional medical treatment plans. Prescription drugs often do not work completely, leaving patients with lingering symptoms of fatigue and abdominal pain. Patients undergoing acupuncture, on the other hand, have experienced a remarkable reduction in pain and discomfort, along with improved digestion and more deep sleep. Acupuncture for colitis relies on the traditional Chinese idea that the inflammation is caused by a blockage of energy channels within the body, and can be corrected by the application of acupuncture needles, which stimulate blood circulation and cause the energy to flow freely once again. Boca Acupuncturists combine acupuncture, diet changes and Chinese herbs to treat the root cause of colitis and we have many successful stories.

What You Can Expect During Acupuncture Treatment

Like conventional medicine, acupuncture for colitis treatments will vary from a person to a person. In Boca Acupuncture clinic, the acupuncture practitioner will ask you questions about your diet, areas where you experience the most discomfort, sleep patterns, past medical history and so on. A typical acupuncture treatment lasts between forty minutes to an hour and can involve as many as 20 needles, or as few as 5. The positioning of the needles is specific both to the patient and the problem he or she is experiencing. Some acupuncturist use heat along with acupuncture needles, or even low-level electrical currents, to increase the level of blood circulation in the body. The number of sessions a person may need again varies from individual to individual; on average, a person needs to undergo six to twelve sessions before the treatment can prove truly effective. Boca acupuncture clinic can also use the acupuncture point injection to achieve long lasting result.

Should You Try Acupuncture for Colitis?

Testimonials abound how people suffering from ulcerative colitis for many years, have found long lasting relief through acupuncture for colitis. Going to a licensed acupuncture practitioner and consulting with your regular physician before trying acupuncture are generally advised, though. Although acupuncture is still largely seen as a complementary treatment, and not a replacement for conventional medicine, given the benefits experienced by people who’ve tried it, acupuncture is definitely an effective option, worth of a good shot. Especially when patient is cutting down their steroid and anti-inflammatory medication, it is very critical to get acupuncture treatment to strengthen their adrenal gland function, so the symptoms will not come back.