Sara was born in Fort Lauderdale FL. When she was in high school, she was a very popular girl because of her beauty and intelligence. She started dating when she was only 12 years old in a private high school in Fort Lauderdale with a football player. Her parents were worried about the pregnancy and advised her to take birth control pill at age of 13 years old once she became sexually active. She went to FAU in Boca Raton for her college degree in business. During her college study, she noticed that she had very light period since she started the birth control pill and her hands and feet are always cold. She also gained some weight when she reached 20 years old. She used to weight below 120 lbs with the height o f 5’10”. She is tall and beautiful, but gaining weight makes her unhappy. She went to see endocrinologist in Fort Lauderdale and had many test indicating that she has hypothyroid condition, which explains why she started gaining weight in her early 20’s. She still has beautiful skin, but she has severe mood swing and upper back pain all the time when she was in College. Most of her boyfriends cannot tolerate her severe mood swings and left her.

She had been trying different kind of diets to lose weight, which did not seem to help her to control her weight. While she was on birth control pill, her pain in the upper back and neck become so bad that she needs to have a morphine injection in many tender spots. She finally decided to see acupuncturist in Boca Raton close to Fort Lauderdale in order to reduce the back pain and anxiety. Her acupuncturist in Boca Raton exams her tongue and pulse, asking her medical history and found out her hypothyroid condition may contribute to her weight gain and poor circulation in both hands and feet. She had been so frustrated with her weight gain and depression that she decided to spend her own money to use acupuncture and herbs to lose weight and become a happier person once she graduated from the FAU – Boca Raton Campus.

Her Boca Raton acupuncturist recommended for her to stop the birth control pill so she can have more progesterone to relax her body and mind, and she can cleanse her uterus lining every month. She stopped birth control pill after her 20th boy friend left her because of her emotional mood swings. Initially she started having more acne after she stopped birth control pill and her period became heavier. Her Boca Raton acupuncturist gave her some herbs to balance her estrogen and progesterone. She dislikes the herbal taste, but she wants to get better before she can have energy to get a good job in her home town, Fort Lauderdale. She took the herbal powder for 3 month, and miraculously lost 20lbs and her acne was cleared up. Furthermore, she becomes a nicer person with good energy and better attitude. She found a nice job in Coconut Creek and a nice partner. She took herbs for a few months, and then went to the hospital in Fort Lauderdale to check her TSH and T3 and T4 levels and her endocrinologist told her everything looks normal. Now she just bought a new home in Coconut Creek, where her company is located. She is ready to get married and have a child.

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