Dr. Louise was born in West Palm Beach. He studied very hard and was awarded a scholarship to attend FAU business school in Boca Raton. After 10 years of hard work he acquired enough money to purchase an upscale apartment in Palm Beach Island. He also invested in real estate, on Palm Beach Island. Over the years, he has dedicated time and energy to managing his properties. Drinking alcohol and smoking were two habits that helped him relaxed for the past 20 years. At the age of 40, he developed type II diabetes. His physician in West Palm Beach gave him metaformin to lower his blood sugar. He has been a very fit person and enjoys swimming. Metaformin did lower his blood sugar, but He sometimes had to stop his presentation because his blood sugar dropped so low that he could not think. He stopped the medication to lower his blood sugar many years ago. His A1C was around 11 in the past, which was dangerously high. He was never over weight, but he loved carbs. His daily alcohol also contributed to his high blood sugar. His daily coffee which gave him motivation to cope with the difficult people also raised his blood pressure. So he now takes high blood pressure medication occasionally to lower his blood pressure.

When he first came to the Boca acupuncture clinic, he wanted to reduce his arm pain due to an old injury. His Boca acupuncturist went through his medical history and recommended to him to reduce his intake of alcohol and carbs. He has also been trying to quit smoking while he is having acupuncture treatment. After attending twice a week acupuncture treatment for 3 months, his shoulder pain is much better. Surprisingly, his A1C dropped to 7.2 from 11. His kidney function has been improving. His circulation to his legs and hands are improving. He has less pigmentation in his lower leg. After each acupuncture treatment, he can sleep deeper and feels more energized. He stopped smoking and drinks less alcohol. A Recent eye check up in West Palm Beach Hospital, showed that he has no inflammation in his retina and optic nerves. Due to his type II diabetes, he needs to monitor his blood sugar two hours after his meal and control his blood sugar below 139. In this case, Mr. Louise does not take any medications for his type II diabetes, he uses diet, exercise and acupuncture to lower his A1C from a dangerous high level of 11 to 7.2. So far, he has not had any damage to his retina and has not developed neuropathy or macular degeneration. But the damage to the blood vessels can speed up after he reaches certain age, I recommend him get rid of alcohol and simple carbs, so we can bring down the A1C to 6 to slow down the aging process.

Hemoglobin A1c is a blood test to measure your average blood sugar for the past two to three months. The normal A1C level is between 4 to 5.7. If your A1C is above 6, you can be diagnosed as type I or type II diabetes. When your blood sugar level constantly is above 139 after each meal, you can damage your blood vessels in your retina, nerves, kidney and heart. The high blood sugar can cause inflammation, which is linked to arthritis, macular degeneration, dementia, infertility, fibromyalgia and even cancer. In order to reduce the stress of trying to change your diet, you can combine acupuncture and Chinese herbs to change the metabolism so your body can burn more calories after you consume the food. In this case, if the A1C cannot be lowered to 6 after another 3 to 6 months, we may need to add Chinese herbs.

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