Acupuncture is about inserting needles at the Acupuncture Point and Acupuncture Point  Injection Therapy (AIT) is injecting a sterile solution at the specific acupuncture point in the body. You can find Acupoint Injection in Boca acupuncture clinic.

What is Acupuncture point?

Acupuncture can be roughly understood as puncturing the skin by inserting needles into specific areas. Those specific areas were defined as acupuncture point. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese Treatment Technique that is being used for 5000 years. There are more than 500 acupuncture points in the body. The latest researches show that these points are at the places where the nerves, muscles, and connective tissue are located. So, stimulating those acupuncture points help the energy to flow into different organs to improve the organ’s function.

What is acupuncture point injection Therapy?

Acupuncture point Injection Therapy is injecting sterile solution such as vitamin B12 or herbal solution into certain acupuncture points, which stimulate acupuncture points when the sterile solution is gradually absorbed. Commonly the solution includes minerals, vitamins, and homeopathic compounds, etc. In older times sterile herbal extracts were injected but the technique has been made advanced now. Boca acupuncture clinic provides acupuncture point injection for muscle pain, sciatica, tendonitis, back pain and neck pain after regular acupuncture treatment, so the therapeutic effect can last longer. The vitamin B12 injection into acupuncture points not only helps bring the energy to certain organs, but also balance the nervous system to reduce the daily stress.

How acupuncture point Injection Therapy is done?

The thought of injection scares everyone but these injections are much less painful because the needles are of the smallest size and finest quality. Usually, it takes 24 to 36 hours for the fluid to get absorbed in the tissues and start relieving the patient from pain and other illness.

Boca acupuncturists have been trained in China in both Chinese and Western medicine, they can combine the acupuncture point injection, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese acupuncture to help patients get rid of allergies, depression, back pain, neck pain and anxiety. People with very busy life style and can only have acupuncture treatment every two weeks or once a week, may need acupuncture point injection to get the fastest and longest result.