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Dr. Zheng and Dr. Zhou studied herbal medicine following the world-renowned Chinese herbalist professor Zhao, Shaoqin, who’s farther was the chief physician of the royal hospital of the Qing Dynasty. With over 30 years of clinical experiences, Dr. Zheng and Dr. Zhou created the hormone balance formula series for some common health issues in our modern society such as menopause, infertility, ED, allergies, high stress, neuropathy, macular degeneration, dry eye, back pain, depression and anxiety. This hormone-balance formula can help strengthen your digestive system, improve your circulation and reduce your stress hormones, so that your body can absorb nutrients more efficiently and produce more relaxing hormones such as serotonin, endorphin and dopamine. The balanced hormones can calm down your immune and nervous functions to help allergies, infertility of unknown reasons and autoimmune diseases like Lupus, MS and eczema. With balanced hormones and nervous system your rate of success of IVF, your testosterone level, and sperm count, can also be improved. By reducing inflammation, the formula serials may also help neuropathy, macular degeneration, PCOS, leaky gut, and arthritis.

Why should we combine herbs with acupuncture  for inflammation, poor circulation, infertility, ED, prostate and macular degeneration?

Boca acupuncturists have been using herbs to reduce inflammation for over 30 years. Acupuncture can improve circulation and increase the production of serotonin, GABA, and endorphin, but the effect cannot last for a week. If we can combine acupuncture and Chinese herbs, you can save time and money and clear up the inflammation much faster. Infertility, colitis, weight gain and allergies are all related to inflammation. Endometriosis, fibroids, and premature ovarian failure especially can be improved much faster if you combine acupuncture and Chinese herbs. For over 5000 years, Chinese people have been using herbs to treat infertility, anxiety, eye problems and ED; we have accumulated tremendous literature about herbs for infertility, neuropathy, ED, depression and weight gain. We use Chinese herbs to treat root causes and improve the function of thyroid , adrenal gland and other internal organs, you do not have to take herbs forever. Once the inflammation is cleared up and the circulation is improved, you can stop taking herbs and stay with your healthy lifestyle.

1. Hormone Balance herbal formula II: This formula can reduce the stress and strengthen the function of spleen, liver and kidney. So women can produce more progesterone instead of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Men can produce more testosterone and build stronger muscles once they have stronger kidney function. This formula also helps older people to have stronger bones and facilitate nerve regeneration. With improved digestion, women after menopause and men after andropause can avoid weight gain and muscle loss. With improved liver function, men can avoid too much estrogen accumulation in their body leading to ED, breast cancer and prostate enlargement.

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