Ms. Li was born in Miami into a poor Chinese immigrant family. Her parents moved to Coconut Creek when she was just about to begin elementary school. As a Chinese immigrant, she was told that only hard work can bring money and respect in her future life. She studied very hard and ranked number one from Coconut Creek elementary School all the way to Coconut Creek high school. When she was a teenager, her family lived on food stamps. She loves processed food; they are easily digested and gave her quick pleasure. She was chubby by the time she became a teenager. She was not concerned about her weight because there were so many heavier kids in the Coconut Creek area. By the time she was college age, she was told she had PCOS, because she never had regular menstrual periods. Her facial and leg hair growth was very rapid. She periodically needed hair removal services at a hair salon in Coconut Creek. Her primary care physician observed when she underwent the required physical exam for entrance into Palm Beach engineering college that her cholesterol levels were high, and recommended she lose weight.

She was shocked to learn that she had high cholesterol because she had been physically very active. She decided to lose weight and change diet to normalize her cholesterol and her period, after she found a good job in Coconut creek areas. Her friend recommended her to see a good nutritionist at Coconut Creek medical center to get a professional assessment. She was told she should eat a lot of nuts and avoid meat to lose weight and lower her cholesterol. She followed these instructions but in the 3 months on the new diet she developed rashes all over her body. Her physician could not figure out why she had developed allergies, since she was following the prescribed food regime.

She felt miserable because the itchy sensation made it hard to focus on her work and she needed to be productive as an engineer at the Coconut Creek biotech company where she now worked. Every morning when she awoke, there were rashes on parts of her body. She was tested for food allergy at the Coconut Creek medical center and was told she had no allergic reaction to any foods. After struggling for a few months, including taking antihistamine medicine, she finally decided to see an acupuncturist in Coconut Creek.

Her acupuncturist told her that she needed to avoid any food which can induce histamine, thereby eliminating her rashes and itchy sensation. She started increasing her vegetables and fruit intake, and cutting down on her carbs, especially avoid carbs and fruit at night. This is because the blood sugar levels can stay high all night long, causing damage in her nerves and blood vessels, which are the network of the body. She has also been trying very hard to avoid processed food, because they stimulate dopamine release and make her eat more junk food.

She realizes that, to function as an engineer, and continue to earn a lot of money, she needs her brain and body to function well. After she met her husband, she decided to buy a house in Coconut Creek and get pregnant during the subsequent months. She is determined to be rid of her rashes and PCOS, so she can have a healthy baby. She awoke early, bought fresh vegetables, fish and Tofu from an oriental farm market in Coconut Creek. In the evening, she started cooking with good oil. She and her husband have been trying to avoid restaurant food because of the high salt and bad fat in restaurant food. Within 6 months, she had lost 15lbs and her rashes ceased completely. She went back to get her blood checked at Coconut Creek Medical Center and was told her cholesterol was back to normal. She resumed her normal menstrual periods and she is ready to carry a healthy baby now.

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