Vitamin point injection is a therapy that involves the injection of a bolus any medicinal injectable at select acupuncture points.  These injections activate the acupuncture points in a similar way as conventional acupuncture, but the activation effect lasts longer, prolonging the therapeutic effect. In addition, chronic illnesses and acute injuries cause the interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells) to be come congested with waste products from inflammation.  Injection of a medicinal solution may help promote and restore the efficient elimination of waste products from our cells to our bloodstream.

Vitamin point injection therapy has been shown effective for a number of conditions including:

Although a variety of injectables is available in China, acupuncturists in Florida generally only inject vitamin B12.  Patients find that vitamin point injection is not more painful than general acupuncture because we use the thinnest syringes possible.

Dr. Changhong Zhou and Dr. Li Zheng are certified to practice vitamin point injection in Florida.  If you like to learn more about this technique or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us!

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