Treating Sinusitis with Acupuncture

Getting over your sinus woes is not as easy as it sounds! While sinus issues might have been your constant companion for a long period of time, some non-conventional approaches like acupuncture treatment for sinusitis are known to be wonderfully successful in a large number of people. Read on to understand more about the condition and how acupuncture can help to lessen the symptoms as well as provide long term relief for sinusitis related to chronic inflammation and allergies, even after surgery. Clinical evidence shows that people who cannot breathe through their nose to get sufficient oxygen tend to develop depression and anxiety.

Understanding Sinusitis

Sinusitis is defined as the inflammation of the nose and sinus cavities resulting from various allergic reactions to dust, chemical irritants, or even bacterial or viral infections. Medically, the problem is divided into different subtypes, namely, acute, chronic, allergic, or infectious sinusitis. A range of symptoms like nasal congestion and difficulty breathing, sinus pain and headaches, fever, difficulty sleeping, etc. are commonly observed among patients.

Conventional treatment options involve over the counter nasal drops, decongestants, antihistamines, oral steroids, or even antibiotics depending on the symptoms and complexities of the case. While these are surely a big help when it comes to instant symptomatic relief, the treatment of the underlying cause remains unattended. Chinese medicine includes the use of various herbal medicines along with acupuncture for sinusitis treatment targeted at eliminating the root cause of the condition.

Why acupuncture and how does it help sinusitis?

Acupuncture treatment for sinusitis has seen widespread acceptance all around the globe owing to the fact that it provides instant symptomatic relief as well as eliminating the root cause: inflammation in the sinuses. Patients often report feeling relief after their first treatment session. The technique works by stimulating key acupuncture points within the body with the help of different types of needles (dermal needles, plum blossom needles, laser needles etc.). Acupuncture can speed up the circulation of the sinus and clear inflammatory chemicals instantly. Thus, patients can breathe through their nose within 20 min.  In order to achieve long lasting result, it takes 10 to 12 treatments to balance the immune function and reduce inflammation in the sinus.

Unlike nasal decongestants, acupuncture can open up the nostrils without increasing your blood pressure or causing sinus irritation, which can stimulate the growth of polyps. When patients have surgery to remove the polyps in their sinuses, the polyps can grow back very fast, and many patients may have more than two or three surgeries. Acupuncture treatment for sinusitis can help patients avoid more surgeries in their sinuses. When you have more oxygen going to your lung, you can reduce the stress instantly and your immune function will be balanced during the pandemic.