We are very excited to be announcing a new, free health seminar collaboration with Greenlands Health & Wellness in Delray Beach!

The topic of this seminar will be “Stress Reduction through Herbal Teas and Acupuncture”.  In our fast-paced, non-stop society, stress has become a defining factor in our lives, affecting our moods and even the way we interact with the world.

boca raton acupuncture eventStress and the hormones that are produced when we are under stress can compromise the immune system and exacerbate a wide variety of disorders from allergies to fertility problems.  In fact, one of the ways that acupuncture benefits the body is by balancing our level of stress vs relaxing hormones.

In this seminar, I will be talking about how we can take control of our stress using a combination of herbal teas and acupuncture.  In my 26 years of clinical practice and talking to thousands of patients, I have found certain healthy habits appearing again and again when people learn to take control of their stress and at this seminar, I will be sharing them with you!

The event is free and open to the public but make sure to register today to reserve your seat!  To see a longer description of the seminar and for more details, please check out our Events page.

Register now!