If a man is quite healthy, his testosterone will drop 1% to 2% each year after he passes age 40 . Diabetic patients lose their normal sexual function much faster than normal people, because their testicular function is compromised by inflammation of their blood vessels and nerves. Most diabetic patients or high blood pressure or high cholesterol patients can develop erectile dysfunction much earlier than normal people. If a man starts eating all processed food, loaded with salt, early in life, by the age of 30, the majority of his network will be damaged. Of course the body can regenerate new nerves and blood vessels, but the speed of regeneration starts slowing down after 25 years of age, especially if a man does not exercise or eat sufficient vegetables. Here is a good example how a 27 year old young man almost had to have a penis transplant.

George was a programmer from India. Like all the other computer geniuses in his Delray Beach Company, he loved soda. He moved to Pompano Beach from Fort Lauderdale two years ago because he could get to his company much easier early in the morning. It is so difficult to drive to Miami in the morning and he tended to go to bed late and get up late. He sat in front of his computer for more than 8 hours a day to do his work, then when he got back to his Pompano Beach home, he liked to eat sweets and enjoy his computer games. Five years after he moved to America, he gained 20 pounds, his handsome face changed with a double chin. Then he found out he had developed impotence at the age of 26. Initially he had morning erections when his bladder was full. After another year, the morning erection was gone. He went to an urologist in Boynton Beach Hospital to get his penis and testosterone checked. His urologist recommend that he get a penis transplant at the age of 27. He was very upset and came to the Boca Raton Acupuncturist to see if he could get a more holistic treatment.

His acupuncturist collected all his medical information and examined his pulse and tongue. He was told he has qi and blood stasis, meaning his energy flow was blocked due to lack of exercise. His sublingual veins were purple and enlarged indicating his blood vessels and nerves were not functioning well. That is why he did not have a morning erection at this young age. He also recalled that he injured himself when he was teenager when riding his bike. His acupuncturist in Boca Raton told him it would take a few months to resume the normal function of his blood vessels and nerves, but in the mean time he needed to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables because the vitamins and minerals were critical for rebuilding his healthy network. He had a fiancée in India and planned to get married soon, which motivated him further to get his impotence fixed. He came for acupuncture twice a week for 3 months, then once a week for another 6 months. Gradually his morning erection came back. After a year of acupuncture treatments in the Boca Raton acupuncture clinic, he went back to the Boynton Beach hospital and got his testosterone tested. His testosterone went up from 300 to 700 and he now resumed normal erectile function. He got married a few months later.