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Acupuncture helps AF and PVC by balancing your nervous system

Acupuncture for PVC (premature ventricular contraction ) and AF (Atrial Fibrillation) has been shown to be effective in calming the mind and restoring the normal rhythm of the heart. It is, therefore, recommended as a viable alternative for treating PVCs.

Have you ever felt your heart beating faster than normal? Do you sometimes have that unpleasant sensation of feeling faint, dizzy, or have a pounding sensation in your chest? Read More

How to avoid knee pain and hip pain?

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Acupuncture can relieve neck pain

Acupuncture in neck pain has been regarded as an effective and safe treatment that has the potential to stimulate biochemical changes in areas where the needles are inserted as well as the entire central nervous system.

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Why does acupuncture can help reduce the inflammation to fight Covid-19?

Why do immunocompromised individuals suffering from conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity not cope well with Covid-19? Why do certain people develop the cytokine storm when they are exposed to Covid-19? The key to these answers is immune function balance. In a balanced immune system, cytokines are necessary inflammatory proteins that help to fight off infections. Read More

Acupuncture helps reduce knee pain related with arthritis

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in joints. It can affect a single or multiple joints. There are different kinds of Arthritis. This condition is common in older as well as younger age groups.

The most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).  Read More

How can acupuncture helps infertility?

One in ten couples will deal with infertility, with conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature ovarian failure, or recurring miscarriage and secondary infertility. Even with advancements in medical care, statistics show that successful outcomes of fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI are greatly improved with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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Reducing your neck pain with acupuncture and traction

Acupuncture is regarded as one of the finest treatments for neck pain. As per various researches, acupuncture is more effective in treating neck pain than surgery. Read More

Acupuncture can help neuropathy by facilitating nerve regeneration

Peripheral Neuropathy refers to inflammation of the nerves that causes dysfunction in one or more nerves in the body. This disorder has many symptoms and causes. Acupuncture can help restore the normal function of the nerves by improving the circulation to the peripheral nerves and increase the production of BDNF, one of the growth factors that can stimulate the regeneration of the nerves.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy refers to damage or some kind of problem that causes dysfunction in one or more nerves in the body. Read More….

Acupuncture can reduce the inflammation by reducing anxiety during Covid-19 pandemic

Anxiety is the body’s normal mental response to stress. But if the anxiety sustains for a long period of time, which interferes with routine day-to-day life, it is recognized as “anxiety disorder”.

Anxiety disorder is described as a morbid feeling of tension, fear, or apprehension when one is faced with tough situations. Read More….

Tone your facial muscles with electrical acupuncture

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