Lisa was bone in Brazil and moved to Delray Beach when she was 9 years old. Her parents worked very hard to send her to a good private school in Delray beach. She was admitted into Palm Beach state college with scholarship due to her outstanding performance in a private high school in Boynton Beach. She later went to Miami for her MBA degree and became a banker in a local bank in Pompano Beach.

Lisa grew up with traditional Brazilian foods and has been very healthy. When she was in business school, she started drinking more and more coffee and eating a lot of spicy foods. She later got married and bought a house in Delray Beach to be close to her parents. Without any effort she got pregnant with her first child. Then her marriage was broken. She moved out of the old house and settled in Boynton beach with her boyfriend when she turned to 35 years old. Her boy friend has been a very healthy eater and exercise regularly. She believes she found a right man and determined to have another child to make the family more stable. As a banker, she had high level of stress and went home quite late. She started drinking more coffee to keep her brain alert. She also started eating more processed foods because she made more money in the local bank in Boynton Beach. She had been actively trying to conceive for two years. Unfortunately she had two miscarriages and had two DNC in a hospital in Pompano beach, which really made her very depressed. After two DNC, her period became very light. She came to Boca acupuncture clinic with the hope to find out why it was so difficult for her to conceive the second time with a devoted husband.

Following the advises in diet and life style from her Boca Chinese acupuncturist, She started cutting down on her coffee intake and instead drinking tea with her husband.  When she gets back home in Boynton Beach, she will practice meditation to reduce the stress. She resumed her traditional homemade food. She had acupuncture twice a week in Boca clinic for the first 8 weeks, then reduced to once a week when her period became more regular. After 20 acupuncture treatments in Boca Raton acupuncture clinic, she got pregnant naturally. She was so worried about miscarriage and had anxiety every day when she was working in the bank in Boynton Beach, she even called her Boca acupuncturist during her work. Her Boca acupuncturist started using different acupuncture points to reduce her anxiety and bring the blood flow to her uterus and ovaries. Her HCG jumped from 200 to 2000, then over 10,000. She felt tired and cold when the temperature is around 75. Her Boca acupuncturist told her she had the right symptoms related with healthy pregnancy. Now Lisa is 25 week pregnant and was so glad that she did not have to have IVF or IUI to mess up her hormone balance. She had no migraine any more. She has more energy after the first trimester and continues to work hard at home during Covid-19 pandemic.