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Growing Use of Herbs and Acupuncture to Treat Nasal Polyps

What are nasal polyps?

Nose polyps are tiny tissue growths on the surface of the mucous membrane-the lining of the nasal passage-that are soft and noncancerous.

What causes nasal polyps?

Patients with asthma, allergies, recurrent infections, and nasal inflammation are prone to this affliction. Chronic inflammation in the nasal and sinus cavity is the leading cause of the nasal Polyps.

What are the symptoms of nasal polyps?

Common symptoms that indicate the presence of nasal polyps are a patient’s running/stuffy nose, mucus running down the throat, being unable to smell or taste properly, facial pain or headache, tooth pain, snoring, and a feeling of pressure on the forehead and face. People with nasal polyps have constant nasal congestion, which can lead to anxiety and insomnia.

What is the treatment available to address nasal polyps’ affliction?

Allopathic treatment consists of simple outpatient surgery and medication that reduces the nasal polyps and thus palliates symptoms.

However, Herbs for Nasal polyps are often viewed by medical practitioners as treating root cause of the nasal polyps: chronic inflammation. After the inflammation is gone, you will not have  more nasal polyps growing back again.

It is observed that even after surgery nasal polyps reappear. Therefore, it is crucially important that a root cause treatment should be solicited for long-term relief. Some patients can have more than three time surgeries to remove the nasal polyps and still has congestion after each surgery.

Holistic Remedies

Holistic treatment therapies along with the use of herb extracts and acupuncture go a long way to ensure extended and long-lived relief from debilitating symptoms of nasal polyp problems. Natural remedies are also found to be equally potent to treat this issue.

Combing herbs, acupuncture and other natural and holistic remedies like nasal irrigation, and steam inhalation including showers, baths, steam rooms, humidifiers or boiling water steam do wonders in the treatment of polyps.

The popular TCM center, Boca Acupuncture Clinic treats nasal polyps with a personalized regimen of holistic, natural, and herbal therapies.

It is well known that the herbal extracts can be combined with acupuncture treatment to clear up the chronic inflammation much faster. People can breathe better with more oxygen, which balance their nervous system and immune function.

Which herbs are commonly used for nasal polyps?

Given below are some of the herbs and their concoctions that are commonly used for nasal polyps:

1) Stinging Nettle leaves are used for its anti-inflammatory effects and easing of nasal congestion.

2) Garlic is used for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial nature that stops further exacerbating the condition.

3) Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, that helps reduce swelling and congestion-related issues.

3) Eucalyptus oil inhalation therapy provides a short-term interim relief from nasal congestion.

4) Grape Seed Extract, some preliminary studies suggest that it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Nasal polyps have remained a debilitating condition to date which the current Allopathic medicine protocol has not been able to address if patients cannot find the root cause of nasal polyps.

However, therapies with extracts of Herbs for nasal polyps, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are known to yield satisfactory results that help patients to experience symptomatic relief from nasal polyp symptoms and prevent the nasal polyps growing back. It is cheaper to use single herbs listed above to treat this condition, but if you take the above single herbs for more than a year and can’t get good results, it will be wise to find an herbalist to put the herbs together to target different organs. Boca and Boston acupuncturist

Li Zheng and Changhong Zhou have combined over 60 years of experiences to make a formula for different constitutions in order to get the fastest result for nasal polyps.

Many retiree experience dramatic relive from nasal congestion after receiving herbal and acupuncture treatments offered by acupuncturist and herbalist in Boca, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Parkland, Pompano Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek and Boca Raton.  The mucus cleared up and did not recur for over a couple of years which is a major relief to the patients from pain and anxiety as long as they stay in a healthy diet and life style. Furthermore, this will save a lot of money for the insurance company such as blue cross and blue shield, the best insurance in USA.

Therefore, utilizing herbs in conjunction with acupuncture efficiently treats nasal polyps’ symptoms and prevent their recurrence to avoid multiple surgery will save our country money.

Treatment for nasal polyps with herbs has few adverse effects; furthermore people noticed that they have improved digestion and sleep to cope with daily stress when they can breath in more oxygen.

How can acupuncture help you fight anxiety and depression?

The difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a normal, transient human reaction to the expectation that everything should unfold according to plan on a daily basis.

Anxiety disorder is a mental health illness, which causes nervousness, and other related feelings and symptoms to last for a long time and impede an individual’s ability to perform as a normal human being.

Therefore, persistent, severe, and incapacitating anxiousness is undoubtedly an indication of anxiety disorder, which must be promptly, properly, and adequately addressed before it starts affecting patients’ well-being, and consequently, their personalities.

There are many different kinds of anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and various phobia-related disorders.

Causes and symptoms of anxiety disorder:

There are several causes of anxiety disorders, including stress due to illness, trauma, personality and mental disorders, substance and alcohol abuse, or heredity from either of the parents.

In critical anxiety disorder cases, patients lose control over themselves, experience erratic behavior, suffer from physical symptoms, such as chest pain, choking sensations, palpitations, and may experience a loss of motor control, and incoherent speech.

All of these disorders are extremely crippling, and harm one’s self-esteem, and self-confidence. They can also cause severe psychosomatic symptoms, such as ED, difficulty to breath, chest pain and heart palpitation. People, who have severe anxiety symptoms, have difficulty to drive on the bridge or enjoy daily life.

What Treatment is available for anxiety disorder?

These days, acupuncture anxiety therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a very popular alternative treatment due to its effectiveness in eliminating weakening, and impairing symptoms, thereby restoring patients’ health.

What is acupuncture anxiety therapy?

At the Boca and Boston Acupuncture Clinic, physicians trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provide acupuncture anxiety therapy, after determining the patient’s medical history and looking at their tongue and pulses.

Following the patient’s case study, the acupuncturist maps the important acupuncture points on the meridian (energy pathways), and other locations, such as the insides of the wrists, between the eyes, and the ears.

Ultra-thin acupuncture needles are then inserted into specific acupuncture points on the energy pathways known as Meridians, along with the previously mentioned points. This helps to restore balance to the autonomic nervous system, which aids in relaxation, and eliminates the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system.

Following twice a week acupuncture treatment, patients experience respite from anxiety disorder(s), and its related distressed and disturbed state(s) of mind, leaving them feeling happy, and with a sense of well-being.

Based on individual cases, the acupuncturists may also administer doses of various herbal concoctions, which can improve the function of digestive and nervous systems.

Moving forward in the acupuncture anxiety therapy, the acupuncturist will also prescribe a controlled diet and a set of acupressure points to be done in a meditative state of mind, to maximize the effect of acupuncture on rebalancing the nervous system and strengthening the function of adrenal gland.

Using acupuncture anxiety therapy treatments, including the use of herbs, combined with dietary food intake, TCM doctors help patients embark on a healthier life journey, and a joyful state of being, free from anxiety and panic attack, without the long term use of anti-depressants.

Chronic anxiety disorder needs to be avoided combing medication and acupuncture; as anxiety is said to be a rocking chair that takes you nowhere and can compromise your immune function, leading cancer and heart problems! If you have high stress job, you may need to have acupuncture to calm down your nervous system every two weeks so you can avoid panic attack condition. Instead of searching acupuncturist near me, you may need to use key words such as acupuncture for anxiety near me to get the right acupuncturists, who have more than 30 years of experiences to treat anxiety disorder.

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